Wednesday, April 8, 2009


ARGH!!! i've got my license like 2 months ago but my mum still won't let me drive on my own.. somebody needs to come with me n he/she; must be my father/aunty/my mum.. ergghh... my aunt feels dat my driving is good enough alrdy but when i drive with my mum she always has something to say!!! "jgn bwk slow sgt nnt org ni sume bkn btol blh jd accident; jgn bwk laju sgt awk tu beginner; dpn nnt tu kene stop tau(as if i dunno.. haha); td x ltk signal ea?(die yg x prasan.. haha)"
n so,,, i just follow wateva she said.. i just shut up n drive.. hahaha.. coz if i answer back,, she'll find more mistakes.. haha.. i think she's doing it on purpose coz if i get to drive alone i'll never stay home.. ahaha.. dat's true i guess.. XD


  1. hahahhaa still need more time to fixed this..hahah...ko wat bnyak2 lagi yea??ltak bnyak2 pics...

  2. wahahahaa!really mama cakap mcm 2???kesian ko.!!hahaha!