Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Great Escape

Jamming with my band

Hang out on new year's eve

Went to Singapore

Went to Singapore again

Hang out at Tebrau City

ade lg ronggeng2 tp xde gmba.. haha

more to come...... =D

What Syafiqah Did/Does/Will Do Over These Few Months

Hmm.. I pretty much do the same thing everyday. I wake up, have my brunch, watch tv, bathe and surf the net. It felt kind of awkward in the beginning; because i always have something to do. I have never been so free before. Haha. Yeah. SPM's over and i have nothing to do. Well, my mom actually asked me to find a job; because she can't stand seeing me doing nothing at home. So i followed her orders and went to look for a job at Tebrau City. Guess what? Can't find any. Haha. That's a good thing i guess. On the bright side; i can continue lazing myself everyday. Yay! Haha. Well of course i did something other than my everyday routine. I swim, play futsal, hang out with my friends, and jam with my band. I am really enjoying my life right now. U should enjoy while u can. U will never know how long will u be alive. Maybe when the SPM results are out u guys might not be able to see me again. Haha. Guess why. =D. Oh, i didn't finish my job finding story. And so, i asked my mom again when can i go to Bukit Indah Jusco for job vacancies. Guess what she said to me? "Alah,, x payah keje la.." LOL. She's such a joker. Lucky me! Haha. Anyway, i did took driving lessons and i am going for the test very soon; on Feb 10 i think. Can't wait to get my license! Haha. I can drive anywhere with it. Oh i almost forgot! These days i spend a lot of time playing warcraft. Thanks to my cousin, i am now addicted to it. Haha. U guys should think twice before stepping into the world of warcraft. U might not see the outside world again. Beware. Haha.