Sunday, April 12, 2009

*Yawn* :O

Arrgghhh.. My head feels so heavy... Dunno why.. Maybe coz i sleep too much.. Or i don't sleep adequately.. haha.. Nowadays i stay up till dusk doing nothing.. Not exactly nothing.. But i do things like blogging, watching videos, n playing video games.. Sumtimes i just listen to the music n stare at the *lappy screen.. Just feelin' the song.. And dream away.. hahaha.. Sumone,, pls giv me ideas on how to spend my time everyday.. (not at home pls.. sick of staying home.. there's nothing to do.. hahaha)

I need to go outside!! See some green stuffs (plants.. haha),, n just hav fun in the sun.. I'm sick of hanging out at the mall too.. It has always been the same old place.. There's no where else to go.. Why won't they build more shopping malls? What they are doing now is just building more hypermarkets like tesco n carrefour.. Errgghhh.. Come on.. Can we have more entertainment parks in Jb? Maybe a Disneyland.. Or a Sunway lagoon.. That's gud enough i guess.. hahaha.. No more Euro fun park or mini funfares.. They are so lame n rusty..

I feel like going on a vacation.. Anybody care to join? haha.. Let's go to singapore.. I know it's not really a vacation,, but it's better than nothing ryte? haha.. It's the nearest to Jb.. Coz we're still considered as 'kids' to our parents.. hahaha.. I don't think they'll let us go on a reeaaal vacation with friends.. If u want a real vacation, go with your family.. Nothing beats a family vacation.. hehe

I can't really complaint coz we shud cherish every moment we have.. Who knows how long u may live.. Boredom won't be a problm if u know how to make full use of ur time.. Unlike me... hahaha.. I'm turning into a vedgie coz my brain has been idle for a few months.. hahaha.. I shud use my brain more so that it won't get shocked when i start using it again in colledge later.. hehe.. Maybe some puzzles will do..

Well, i think my shit-writing will stop here.. That's all for now.. hehe.. Adios amigos!

*lappy=pet name for a laptop ;D haha

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